Annual DQF Management

Stay compliant year-round: Trust our DQF Management for up-to-date driver files.

With our Annual DQF (Driver Qualification File) Management service, you can trust us to keep your driver files compliant and up-to-date throughout the year. This valuable add-on ensures that your files are always FMCSA compliant and prepared for audits at any given time.

Our team will proactively reach out to your drivers, collecting and maintaining the necessary information to ensure ongoing compliance. By entrusting us with this task, you can focus on your core operations, knowing that your driver files are in capable hands.

Benefits of our Annual DQF Management service:

  1. Continuous monitoring and upkeep of driver files to meet FMCSA compliance standards.
  2. Peace of mind knowing that your files are audit-ready year-round.
  3. Proactive communication with drivers to gather and update required information.
  4. Expert guidance to address any compliance concerns and ensure adherence to FMCSA regulations.

To avail of this service, the cost is $75.00 for the initial setup, followed by a yearly fee of $75.00. Experience the convenience and confidence that comes with our Annual DQF Management service, ensuring your ongoing compliance and minimizing the risk of penalties or audit-related issues.

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