MC Reinstatement

Reinstate or reactivate your operating authority (MC, FF, or MX).

Reinstating or reactivating your operating authority (MC, FF, or MX Docket Number) requires the following steps:

  1. Submit Proof of Insurance and Form BOC-3 to the FMCSA.
  2. Motor Carriers Only: Ensure your USDOT Number is active and has updated contact information.
  3. Submit a reinstatement request along with a biennial update, if necessary, to update your information.
  4. Typically, your authority will be active within a week after submitting the application and payment.
  5. FMCSA will notify you if your application is on hold, pending additional information or under review.
  6. If your operating authority has been dismissed for over a year, you must reapply for a new authority.

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