USDOT Services

Please provide us with your USDOT number to gain access to fast service registration for your trucking company.

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Business Registration in any State

Creating a company protects owners' assets amidst legal disputes or claims.

Motor Carrier Authority Setup

Comprehensive trucking company setup, ensuring FMCSA compliance.

Designation of Process Agents (BOC-3)

Crucial BOC-3 form for FMCSA-regulated carriers, brokers, and forwarders.

Unified Carrier Registration (UCR)

Comply with UCR program: Register, pay fees for fleet size.

IRP Registration

Operate in multiple jurisdictions with home state registration: IRP advantage.


IFTA, which stands for the International Fuel Tax Agreement.

Oregon Permit

Oregon Permit ensures compliance for commercial vehicles exceeding 26,000 pounds.

Kentucky Weight Distance Permit

Essential tax license for carriers operating on Kentucky roadways.

New Mexico Weight Distance Tax Permit

Compliant service for New Mexico's Weight Distance Tax Permit acquisition.

New York Highway Use Tax

Essential NY HUT certificate for trucks exceeding 18,000-pound gross weight.

Conectticut permit

Ensure compliance with Connecticut regulations by obtaining necessary truck permits.

Form 2290

Crucial tax compliance for transport companies with registered heavy vehicles.

Drug and Alcohol Testing Program

Enroll CDL drivers in a mandatory drug and alcohol consortium.

Clearinghouse Registration

Promote safety: Clearinghouse grants access to CDL driver records.

Driver Qualification File Processing

Compliance assured: Trust us for initial Driver Qualification File processing.

Annual DQF Management

Stay compliant year-round: Trust our DQF Management for up-to-date driver files.

DOT Biennial Update

Stay compliant with the DOT Biennial Update for uninterrupted carrier operations.

DOT Number Deactivation

FMCSA jurisdiction: Notify if ceased operations. Compliance is mandatory.

DOT Number Reactivation

USDOT reactivation made easy: Submit MCS-150 for seamless process.

Reinstate MC/FF/Broker Number

Reinstate or reactivate operating authority with these specific steps outlined.

Broker Authority

Broker authority allows individuals, partnerships, or corporations to arrange goods transportation using an authorized Motor Carrier (MC) Number.

MC Reinstatement

Reinstate or reactivate your operating authority (MC, FF, or MX).

MC Revocation

MC Revocation: Termination of MC authority due to non-compliance.

DOT New Entrant Safety Audit

New carriers must pass Safety Audit within 12 months of operation.

Violation Dispute

Assisting companies with violations and disputes through comprehensive services.

Authority Name Change

Planning to change the name of your company?

IRP Renewal

IRP (International Registration Plan) registration

Violation Removal and Analysis

Maximize trucking business potential: Audit violations, improve safety, remove penalties.

First Time IRP

Register your first-time IRP account