IRP Renewal

IRP (International Registration Plan) registration

To successfully renew your IRP (International Registration Plan) registration, you will need to gather several important documents and provide accurate information. Here are the key elements required for IRP renewal:

  1. Copy of your current registration or Secretary of State renewal of registration letter: As part of the renewal process, you will need to provide a copy of your existing registration or a renewal letter issued by the Secretary of State. This serves as proof of your current registration status.

  2. Safety Carrier DOT # and Safety Carrier TIN #: The Department of Transportation (DOT) number assigned to your safety carrier, along with the corresponding Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN), must be provided. These identifiers ensure that your carrier meets the necessary safety standards and tax obligations.

  3. Total miles traveled in each state: You will need to accurately report the total number of miles traveled in each state during the required 4-quarter period specified by the state. This information helps determine the appropriate fees and taxes for your IRP renewal.

  4. Heavy Highway Use Tax (HUT 2290) Form: For all vehicles you are renewing, you must provide the Heavy Highway Use Tax (HUT 2290) Form. This form should bear the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) stamp or e-file logo, clearly indicating that the tax has been paid. Compliance with this requirement is essential for the successful renewal of your IRP registration.

  5. Updates to address: If there have been any changes to your address, it is important to provide the updated information during the renewal process. This ensures that your registration documents and correspondence are sent to the correct address.

By gathering these necessary documents and providing accurate information, you can complete the IRP renewal process smoothly and ensure compliance with the registration requirements. It is advisable to review the specific guidelines provided by your state's transportation department or licensing agency to ensure you meet all the necessary requirements for successful renewal.

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