DOT New Entrant Safety Audit

New carriers must pass Safety Audit within 12 months of operation.

Motor carriers embarking on their operations must undergo a critical Safety Audit within the first 12 months as part of the New Entrant Program. This audit aims to verify that carriers have established fundamental safety management controls to comply with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSRs), Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMRs), and related record-keeping requirements, thereby promoting safety within the industry.

How is a Safety Audit conducted?

The Safety Audit is conducted by an FMCSA-certified auditor either at the carrier's place of business or through electronic submission of relevant documents online, via mail, or fax. Carriers will be informed of the audit type assigned to them by phone or mail. During the audit, carriers will be required to provide documentation that demonstrates the presence of effective safety management controls. Auditors may request documents pertaining to drivers, vehicles, general operating procedures, and record-keeping requirements.

What violations can lead to automatic failure of a Safety Audit?

Carriers will be notified of any violations identified during the Safety Audit, along with guidance on addressing their safety issues. Certain violations are considered severe enough to result in automatic failure of the audit.

You've Failed your DOT Audit. What's next?

According to FMCSA Title 49 CFR Section 385.319(c), if a New Entrant motor carrier's safety controls are deemed inadequate, their USDOT new entrant registration will be revoked, and their operations will be placed out-of-service.

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How to Fix Failing your DOT Audit?

Section 385.319(c)(1) specifies that a new entrant has 60 days from receiving written notice to submit evidence of corrective action deemed acceptable by the Agency.

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Ensure Compliance with 8 DOT Requirements

We understand that ensuring the accuracy and adequacy of your submission is crucial for you and your company. Rest assured, we prioritize guiding you through the process and helping you meet the 8 DOT requirements for a successful corrective action submission.

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Requirements to pass "Safety Audit" & equipment to keep inside your vehicle:

- Driver Qualification File
- Proof of enrollment into Drug and Alcohol Consortium (If operating a CDL required vehicle)
- Proof of Insurance
- Driver Medical DOT Card (must be renewed every 2 years)
- 5lb Fire Extinguisher (Mounted)
- 3 Reflective Cones and/or Triangles
- Additional (Extra) Assorted Fuses
- First Aid Kit

- USDOT#, MC#, and the company name need to be placed on the left and right side of each vehicle, and all letters and numbers will need to be a minimum of 2" in height to ensure visibility from 50 Feet

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