Violation Dispute

Assisting companies with violations and disputes through comprehensive services.

When it comes to handling violations and disputes, I offer comprehensive services to assist your company. Here's how I can help:

  1. Violation Review: I will carefully examine your past violations to identify any that may be eligible for removal. By analyzing the details and circumstances surrounding each violation, I can determine if there are valid grounds for dispute.

  2. Disputing with DataQ: For qualifying violations, I will initiate the dispute process through DataQ. DataQ is a platform where you can challenge and seek resolution for inaccurate or unjust violations. I will handle the necessary steps to present your case and advocate for the removal of undeserved violations.

  3. Scores Analysis: I conduct a thorough analysis of all roadside inspections conducted within the past 24 months. By reviewing your safety scores and examining the patterns and trends in violations, I can provide you with actionable steps to improve your company's safety scores. These steps may include implementing better training programs, enhancing maintenance practices, or adopting stricter compliance measures.

  4. Support: As part of my services, I offer a 60-minute Zoom call where I will provide detailed explanations of violations, their impact on your scores, and guidance on how you can dispute them independently. During this call, I will share valuable insights and strategies that can empower your company to effectively navigate the violation dispute process.

By leveraging my expertise and support, you can take proactive steps to address violations, improve your safety scores, and enhance your overall compliance record. Disputing unjust violations and implementing measures for continuous improvement will contribute to a stronger safety culture within your organization.

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